Normal Cleared, Heroic Begins.


We cleared it! And after all this time, we are still really BAD at taking a screen shot, if anyone has any tips on how to get people to position to the left and right of the person taking the screenshot would be welcome! Sheesh.

It’s been a good week, we have started slowly due to us making some changes to our raid group and set up, we are using a new VoIP and we also introduced EPGP since our raid group has become much bigger. But overall it’s been a success, we’re hoping for lots more death next reset.


Whirlstorm, The first player to ding 110 in Burn.


Well done Cloe! We had a competition in our guild, whoever dinged to 110 first won a chopper mount, just a bit of fun. Cloe kindly took a screenshot showing us a picture of her on her new (okay so she had it already and will sell the new one but shhh) Chopper! If you squint you can actually see the bike. 😉 Well played.